We’re Back!


Annabella McKernan, Writer

The two word, eight letter saying, “We’re Back,” is my new favorite slogan. You may have seen these words on t-shirts worn by your coaches or teachers saying similar things in the hall, but I am sure you’ve heard these words in some sort of way this year so far. Last year our unofficial-official slogan of the year was “We are in this together,” which represented so much hope and faith that our school needed at the moment. Now look at us, we are BACK. These past months leading up to this new school year, our community of Cavs have shown extreme resilience and we have come back on the other side. This pandemic is not over but we see hope on the horizon.

Two words to describe the 2021- 2022 school year so far are inventive and incredible. The definition of inventive according to google is, “having the ability to create or design new things or to think originally” (Oxford language dictionary). This year we have had to adapt and think outside of the box; starting off with adjusting from an hour and fifteen minute classes to quick, forty-five minute classes. The teachers have had to uproot and remake their lessons to fit this new schedule, which has been a difficult task without a doubt; they handle it with so much grace. The administration has had to be inventive as well, trying to make this year feel more normal for everyone but still being cautious. Faculty and staff: you have succeeded, and these next few remarks are the students’ way of saying thank you.

In the past month, school has been incredible, starting off with football games. I never knew that glitter stays in your hair for at least two days, even if you shower five times.  Also, if you don’t have face paint all over your body you are not participating in the rowdy red correctly (the rowdy red is the Spalding student’s cheering section). The rowdy red has been the epitome of spirit this year leading right through spirit week. You may have spotted kids dressed as carrots on class color day or seen the seniors win the powderpuff game. The pep rally was entertaining, especially with tug of war and homecoming court. I am happy to report that we won the homecoming game Friday night and even with the homecoming dance outside Saturday night, people had a blast dancing the night away. We all gave spirit week our all [and for me, my ankle during the powderpuff game!]. Our school is BACK! Thank you to everyone who made all of this happen, for being so inventive and making everything safe, but also making truly an incredible Cav high school experience at Archbishop Spalding for all of us.