Spalding Welcomes Father Ponton


Sophia Pedersen, Writer

With school back in session, there are many new faces and changes at Spalding including our new chaplain, Father Ponton. In addition to Spalding, Father Ponton serves as Associate Pastor at St. John the Evangelist church. Father Ponton recently mentioned that one of the many things he looks forward to at Spalding is being able to talk with and help students as they discover their purpose on this Earth. 

Many within the Spalding body may be able to relate to Father Ponton’s fondness for music, reading, and ecology. Not to mention that he enjoys baseball especially when the Baltimore Orioles are on. He even did some pitching on his high school baseball team. Father Ponton’s enjoyment of the outdoors and physical activity also shines through when he skateboards or, as he called it in a previous article in Catholic Review, “land surfing”.  

Throughout his ministry, Father Ponton has gotten to do some traveling which many in our student body I happen to know would love to do in the coming years. One of the journeys Father Ponton has taken was back in 2017 when he went on the pilgrimage path that is known as “The Way of St. James”. This trip, although tiresome, allowed Father Ponton to write, reflect and even look back at some newspapers like this one. 

On behalf of our Spalding family, welcome and thank you for your wisdom and guidance as we all enter into a new chapter at Archbishop Spalding High School as One in Christ!