Rowdy Red Club Reappears


Annabella McKernan, Editor

 Rowdy Red is the official name of the loudest and rowdiest student section in Maryland, according to multiple Cavalier sources. The club led by seniors is back, taking Spalding’s student section to the stands, theater, and more. The purpose of this club is to create a supportive, encouraging, and rowdy environment for all Spalding events. In everything we do at Archbishop Spalding, including cheering on our fellow students, we live out our school’s motto of, “One in Christ.” In particular, this entails praying before every event, knowing that God is with us through everything.

The club originated in 2016 after another strong school year of awards, national rankings, and television appearances. More specifically, in the spring season of 2016, the baseball team won their third consecutive championship under Coach Palumbo and the softball team won their fourth championship under Coach Trumpler, both teams continuing championship runs since then. From these experiences, along with many others not mentioned here, a group of faculty and staff members came together to help create a more organized student section. This club was formed by seniors who would guide the rest of the Rowdy Red in a creative, positive environment. 

Following Covid-19, the Rowdy Red dwindled off, because of the regulations and lack of events but the Rowdy Red is back and better than ever. Spalding seniors, along with the help of Mrs. Mosco, Mrs. Knight, and the Spalding Athletic Office, have worked hard to bring this student section back to life. Events to look forward to are the: “Game of the Week,” “Fan of the Game,” and “Athlete of the Week.” The club has new themes for upcoming events and are partnering with the Cavalier Shop’s involvement. In the future we can look forward to a Rowdy Red Rewards program, with giveaways to our regulars attending multiple events per season. Already this fall, the Rowdy Red has shown up to football games, volleyball matches, and they are preparing for the theater’s production of 12 Angry Jurors. Mrs. Mosco, a co-founder of the club, shares her experience of the Rowdy Red stating,

“The Rowdy Red is a place where students can thrive. Sure the loudest students may be the most prominent, but it is also for the creative, intelligent, and humorous students. Some of the best ideas over the years have been from those who wouldn’t be considered “rowdy” by nature. One of my favorites was when the senior leaders found a freshman who could solve a rubik’s cube in less than 20 seconds and during half-time they brought him to the front of the stands, had everyone sit down, and went crazy when he finished it. This is a club where memories are made and everyone is invited.”

Archbishop Spalding is excited to be back again, living out our central mission of “One in Christ” and implementing that into our fearless rowdy student section, known as the Rowdy Red!