Seniors’ Advice


Annabella McKernan, Writer

Four years went in the blink of an eye – the Class of 2022 seniors are nearing graduation. These seniors have witnessed every imaginable high and low of the high school experience, including the better part of three years of a worldwide pandemic. Throughout their time at Spalding, the seniors have gained knowledge beyond their years, that we, the students, would be honored to know. A handful of seniors share the most significant thing they have learned at Spalding:


“Do not be afraid to try new things, to be yourself, or to get involved, as it can make your school experience more exciting. Also, if you work hard you will be rewarded.” – Jack Tiger ‘22


“Value of community. By working alongside my classmates and teachers, I have learned and accomplished more than I ever could have on my own.” – Cameron White ‘22


“Hard work looks different to everyone, but is present everywhere.” – John Studgeon ‘22


“The importance of getting involved in different clubs and the friendships that come out of them.” – Meredith Depole ‘22


“At Spalding you’ll make connections and relationships outside of the classroom…you’ll always have a community here at Spalding.” – Christina Penafiel ‘22


“Focusing on what is under your control and staying persistent will lead to success and happiness.” – Thomas Nolan ‘22


“Playing sports here has taught me to embrace the uniqueness in everyone. Everyone achieves more when working together!” – Farrah Peterein ‘22


“Spalding has helped me grow in my faith and taught me how to make my community a better place.” – Graciela Ruschaupt ‘22


“Spalding has taught me the importance of having a great sense of community.” – Kate Muir ‘22


“I learned that all sports teams have a sense of community and everyone uplifts each other. During spirit week it’s nice seeing everyone participate and represent the Spalding motto, One In Christ.” – Zitarra Irechukwu ’22


“Grades and academics are so important;  having memorable and unforgettable experiences are what you will take with you as you leave high school. So study, work hard, and be your best self as a student, but also have fun, enjoy your time with your friends, classmates, teachers, and coaches, because those memories will last forever.” – Taylor Perkins ‘22