Spalding Students, Matthew Kostacopoulos ’21, Nico Crofton ’21 and Anna Karageorgi ’21 sorting the canned goods.

Brooke Blades, Writer

This year, Spalding’s Key Club and Class Council officers organized a food drive to donate cans and other non-perishable food items to the Anne Arundel Food Bank and the Little Sisters of the Poor. Little Sisters of the Poor is a is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1869 and currently runs the Saint Martin’s Home for the Elderly. Saint Martin’s Home provides a safe and caring place for the sick and elderly. The Anne Arundel Food Bank, founded in 1986, works to provide local communities and families with food and basic necessities through donations from the general public. 

The Spalding community stepped up to the challenge and went above and beyond by collecting 10,046 cans and non-perishables, beating last year’s numbers by 2,700 food items! Ms. Malcom’s  homeroom collected the most of any other homeroom with a total of 1,948 cans. Because of this, Ms. Malcom’s homeroom will receive a free breakfast. Of course, the real prize of the food drive is the satisfaction of doing something good for the less fortunate. This drive wasn’t just a way to help less fortunate families and the homeless, but helped bring the Spalding students and staff closer together by acting on the motto “One in Christ”.  As Saint Jeanne Jugan, the founder of the Little Sisters of the Poor, stated, “Never forget that the poor are Our Lord.”