2022 Music Trip


Brinn Cummins, Writer

A few months ago, our school traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to compete in the WorldStrides Music Event. Spalding’s many music programs were registered, including: Jazz Harmony, Mixed Choir, Women’s Ensemble, String Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Guitar Ensemble, Jazz Cavs, and Wind Ensemble. Every group won awards, ranking in the top three in both silver and gold. 

A special honor that was given was the Ovation Award. This award went to a student that was nominated by their directors for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to their school and music community. “When we heard the description of the recipient,” Katie Krok, a junior in the music program, stated, “we were all convinced it wasn’t someone from Spalding. But then they started mentioning specific things, and when they said the recipient was the president of Tri M, it clicked.” Spalding’s very own senior, Tre Studgeon, won the Ovation Award.

In their free time, the music students went to many social gatherings such as shopping in downtown Nashville and going on a riverboat cruise. A common favorite amongst the students, however, was the awards ceremony at a mini saloon. “It was great,” Mr. Sturgis, a music teacher, says, “seeing people from all over the country, from different kinds of social cliques. Everyone was united by their common love for music, which was beautiful.” 

We would like to give a special shoutout to Mrs. Klemm, Mr. Sturgis, Mr. Shatt, and Mr. Hemming– Spalding couldn’t have gone on this trip without them. If you would like to go on the music trip next year, be sure to talk with the music teachers about joining the music program!