Spalding Boys Volleyball


Jayson Lee, Writer

It has been many weeks since the start of the season, and the 2021-2022 Spalding boys volleyball team have had an awesome season so far. Although both teams do not have winning records at the moment, they are grinding their way to try to make the playoffs.


When you go to a game, you can feel the team’s positive energy through the way everyone gets each other hyped. They are always having a good time with their inside jokes that make the entire team laugh. For most players, this is the best 3 hours of their day because of how much joy it brings.


In other schools, the varsity and JV teams are separated, but at Spalding the teams are united as one and help each other at practice and at warm-ups before a game. Spalding’s motto, “One In Christ”, is truly represented when you think about the Spalding boys volleyball team. Varsity Captain, Brendan Watson ‘22, always finds a way to get both of the teams fired up and ready to play. 


Brendan Watson ‘22 said his favorite thing about playing on the volleyball team is “being a leader and being a role model for the program.”

“When I play with the volleyball team, I feel happy and energetic because every one of the guys is fun to be around,” he said.


“What brings me the most pride about the team is seeing everyone improve every game and watching everybody try their best and want to win,” he said. “I am lucky and proud to call them my teammates.”


Overall, the Spalding boys volleyball team is a great example of the true meaning of Spalding. Being a member myself, I can confirm that it always brightens my day when I walk into practice. Everyone is there for each other and the bond is unmatched.