Construction of ClearEdge Innovation Center to Begin Soon


Eddie Hagigh, Editor-in-Chief

In just a few weeks, Spalding will break ground on the construction of the ClearEdge Innovation Center, an addition to the school for the engineering and cybersecurity students.

According to the school website, “Construction will include 3 new classrooms and the Edward St. John Foundation Maker Space totaling 6,300+ square feet.”

The building will be added near the front exit from the school by the English hallway, in the open area just left of where you would normally exit the building. This program was introduced to Spalding families through a letter from Mrs. Mahar. It has recently been posted on the school website along with a celebratory video of the school’s history. The letter, entitled “The Time is Now”, articulated that despite Spalding’s great success over our 53 year history, the school must always be adapting to an evolving outside world.

Mrs. Mahar writes, “Our world is defined by constant change and Archbishop Spalding cannot afford to think that what we have done is enough to secure our future. […] We are preparing students for college majors and jobs that don’t look like they used to, especially in the engineering sector.” 

The addition is supposed to be completed by the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year. The Spalding Spirit plans to cover the entire process of this construction — from when ground is broken to the beginning of engineering and cybersecurity classes in the building. We are all so excited about the opportunity to cover such an event, and Spalding should also be excited for both this new innovation and what will come of this historic beginning.