Sophomore Service


Annabella McKernan, Writer

The Sophomore service project is an influential experience for Sophomore classes of Archbishop Spalding each year. Last year, the class of 2023 was unable to participate because of the unfortunate circumstances brought on by COVID-19. This year, Our Daily Bread was limiting the number of people who could come, however in past years it was a requirement. A student of the Class of 2024, Ashley Miller, chose to give her time to serve the less fortunate and shared her reflection.

“I was in the first Sophomore Service group of the school year and did not even know I would be going on the trip until the day before. When Campus Ministry invited me to come with them, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, this trip turned out to be a very meaningful experience. Once the building was opened for guests to come in and eat, I was given the job of taking the temperature of each guest who came through the door and giving them masks if they needed them. I was nervous at first because I was surrounded by mostly people that I did not know and I was nervous that I would make a mistake. As the day went on, I got more comfortable and I learned a lot of lessons from the guests at Our Daily Bread. I thought that my job was a trivial one, but most of the people I served were so grateful for little things such as masks and their temperature despite the difficult lives they had. It taught me that we are so blessed to have homes, health, food and families and that no matter how small something is, we always can and should be grateful for it. Our last guest was the one who resonated with us the most. I helped her through the door since she was in a wheelchair and we gave her our last meal of the day. After receiving her meal, Katherine stayed and told me and the other Spalding students that we were doing God’s work. She learned our names so that she could pray for us and we also agreed to pray for her. Going into that day, I would have never thought I would have had these experiences but my Sophomore Service trip taught me to be the Katherine: to constantly seek the good in every situation, no matter how frustrating or difficult, and to go about life with God at the center of our lives.”

Ashley Miller shared her meaningful experience of being in service to God. Many more students of the class of 2024 students have gone in the past months. Each and every student that has participated in this service has learned and experienced ways to give your service to help others. This reflection represents our motto of “One in Christ ”, and how God works through us in love of others.