Spalding Conducts Annual Blanket Drive


Kelly Jones, Writer

Beginning on October 27th and continuing through November 10th, the Archbishop Spalding community undertook the annual blanket drive. In a year riddled with uncertainty and hardship, this Spalding service project has been a constant. Over 400 blankets were donated to Happy Helpers for the Homeless, who will then distribute the blankets to people in need in Anne Arundel County and Baltimore City.

Although the total number of blankets collected this year was a bit lower than other years, Ms. Trumpler, of Campus Ministry, still considers the drive successful because “We are blessed to have so many people in our community participate in order to make sure those in need have a bit of warmth this winter.” In addition to the annual blanket drive, Campus Ministry plans to incorporate other initiates that will benefit the community in the Covid era. For example, Mrs. Trumpler explained that Campus Ministry recently began a “monthly service initiative this school year called #CavsCare. Each month, we will be sharing at least four options with our community – these options will range from a single act that you can do in 5 minutes time to simple projects that serve individuals’ most basic, but significant, needs.”

All students are encouraged to be on the lookout for all of the other service projects that the Campus Ministry and other organizations will be conducting. The Spalding community can always be counted on to be there for those in need.