Inside Scoop on All Things as a Freshman in a Pandemic


Annabella McKernan, Writer

As many of you all know and have experienced, COVID-19 has brought upon numerous challenges, especially if you are a freshman in high school. Entering high school is a big task in itself, but add a pandemic to it and things can get a little weird. As a freshman in high school you undertake the experience of meeting new people and trying to find your people; however, with a pandemic in the mix it can get pretty hard to truly get to know people. For example, a freshman here at Archbishop Spalding said to me, “I can try and talk to people but then the conversation just dies out.” That is nothing but the truth, with the challenge of the mask and hearing what people say, it is pretty difficult to get to know someone. The challenges freshman are facing have been difficult for some, exciting for others. When I asked a group of freshmen to describe freshman year in one word during the pandemic, I received a variety of answers… from lonely at times, to confusing, to exciting. 

        As a freshman in high school during a pandemic or just a person in the real world, we have to adjust and overcome all the things life throws our way. The freshman class at Archbishop Spalding has carried out that task no less than perfectly. Many Spalding students, especially the freshman, have really gone head first into this tough situation and tried to find the positives and the good. I was talking to a friend one day about how freshman year was going and she responded saying, “One good thing about freshman year is that I am able to go to school, a lot of my friends who go to public school do not get that opportunity, and I am so lucky that I get the chance too.” This Spalding student is spot on; we are so grateful for being able to go to school in a safe learning environment. Archbishop Spalding is truly trying to make this as normal and safe as school can be during a pandemic, and the freshman appreciate it. Spalding has always been a tightly knit community and I personally have already experienced that love and friendship Spalding has created in the past two months. This time is uncertain, but I have faith that the freshman Cav Class of 2024 will get through it and be stronger for it. Just as Spalding has said from the beginning, we crush “Through this Together.”