Kayla Klatt Guest Speaker


Catcher Salazar, Writer

Now entering its second year of existence, the Cavs Science Club continues to fulfill its promise of hosting prominent guest speakers, allowing students to hear about the multitude of possibilities in the various scientific fields.


This past September, the Cavs Science Club was proud to host Ms. Kayla Klatt, a Research Technician at Johns Hopkins University. A recent graduate, Ms. Klatt spoke about her various experiences as a pre-med student majoring in molecular and cellular biology, which included shadowing a neurosurgeon, experiencing a medical procedure known as a “lung-tap”, volunteering at St. Joseph’s Hospital, and acting as a patient companion at a nearby hospice center. In addition, she explained how she was able to explore interdisciplinary studies as a writer and editor for the student-lead medical journal, in which they summarized complex scientific papers for optimal scientific communication. Students were able to ask questions and receive details about her various experiences, gaining valuable insight. 


Ms. Klatt is currently working on protein purification techniques at the Yumi Kim Lab, where she plans to stay for two years before pursuing her MD-PhD.