NHS Inductions


Edward Baddour, Logan Bledsoe, Writers

By: Edward Baddour

To be eligible for induction to the NHS, you had to have a cumulative grade average of 85, which is a B. For the service aspect of the NHS, you are involved in voluntary contributions made to the school or community, done without payment. The NHS wants students who are resourceful, good problem solvers, and idea contributors. Leadership experiences can be drawn from school or community activities while working with or for others. Students who are cooperative, demonstrate high standards of honesty and reliability, show courtesy, concern, and respect for others, and generally maintain a clean disciplinary record are perfect candidates for this society. Once induced in this society there is a ceremony held in the auditorium. For our ceremony, the students filed in line based on alphabetical order, but once at their seats we all sat down together. We then got an insightful talk about the society, from the head of the NHS. Later, students were called up to get a candle with the societal oath. Having circled around the auditorium, we lit our candles, and read our oath in the dark as one society. After we read the oath, the lights came back on and we were congratulated as the new members of the NHS. We were applauded and then left to receive packets that pertained to membership requirements now that we are inducted. The obligation for being inducted in the NHS is that there will be chapter meetings on a monthly basis. The chapter bylaws should articulate the yearly meeting schedule and member attendance obligations. Members also must participate in chapter and individual service projects to benefit the school and community. We are required 10 hours for a particular service with certain people present as we do our act of service. The school will provide us with various service opportunities throughout the year. Being inducted into the NHS is an honor, and all students involved should take pride in serving their school and community.

By: Logan Bledsoe

On Thursday, November 7th, juniors and seniors lined the campus ministry hallway on their way to the auditorium for the National Honor Society induction. The ceremony for the inductees was amazing as always and truly made students feel as though they were really part of the National Honor Society. All of the inductees looked well put together and formal as they took the oath of the National Honor Society to hold the key principles with them throughout the rest of high school and so on.