Cavs Science Club


Catcher Salazar, Writer

Most people see science as a rigid field that is filled with white lab coats and strict protocols, but Spalding sees a wide field full of variety, collaboration, and innovation. Spalding’s Science Department is proud to provide many opportunities for students, with classes ranging from Environmental Science to Astronomy. With the addition of the Cavs Science Club, the department is giving students an even greater exposure to all kinds of opportunities in the field of science, including competitions and guest speakers. 


The club is excited to host speakers from surrounding universities on a monthly basis during the second semester. The first guest speaker is visiting February 26th. This year’s speakers give students a chance to hear about every step of a life in science. The club’s lineup includes an undergraduate science ambassador from Virginia Tech, guest speakers from Johns Hopkins who are taking their education a step farther by pursuing a PhD, and finally Dr. Douglas Dluzen, a professor at Morgan State who has had years of experience doing scientific research and publishing a total of twelve research papers. Overall, students can be exposed to individuals who can provide insight on their experiences from undergraduate school to graduate school and a career in science.

In addition to hosting speakers, every week the Cavs Science Club meets and practices sample questions from the National Science Bowl set in preparation for the Maryland Science Bowl competition. The competition is similar to a quiz bowl, where students answer trivia as quickly as they can, except the questions are science based. Topics include biology, chemistry, earth and space science, energy, mathematics and physics. Weekly practice meetings allow students to learn interesting facts in a relaxed environment, and the competition allows students to showcase their skills and knowledge, if they choose to do so. For those interested in any field of science, the Cavs Science Club is something to check out, even if that means just popping in to listen to a guest speaker.