Cyberpatriot – Making Spalding’s Tech Secure

Online learning at Spalding.

Sebastian Klincewicz , Writer

Computers are often seen as the backbone of a students basic requirements here at Spalding, as it provides them with key learning resources and tools that teachers utilize in the classroom. With the introduction of the BYOD policy, Spalding established the computer science department in hopes of introducing the need for technology based skills as the world grows far more reliable on technology to sustain everyday enterprise. This being said, there has been a growing demand for individuals to secure the very backbone of the hustle and bustle of society. These silent defenders help to maintain order across the world’s internet systems, trade networks, and communication lines, developing a growing need for skills in programming, networking, and cyber security. 

In response to this call, the Spalding computer science department has developed courses for students interested in advancing their skills in computer science, networking, and cyber security. Along with these courses, a group of energetic students have started up Spalding’s very own club geared towards creating awareness for the need of security within the cyber realm. This club, formally known as CyberPatriot, is a nationally recognized program that challenges student’s programming skills through online competition. The program was initially started by the United States Air Force Association hoping to create the world’s next cyber defenders in order to shut down mass crime across the world wide network infrastructure. Today, the competition is sponsored by big name companies such as Northrop Grumman hoping to invest in these future tech leaders. This hidden gem within the student body has had a slow and steady growth with this year being the first official time that Spalding has entered this nationwide competition. The competitors primary objective is simple, secure the systems given and establish a safe, stable connection to the internet. 

Aside from the heat of the competition, the club teaches advanced lessons on programming skills and networking, hoping to ultimately spark a love for cybersecurity and technology within the student body. The students within the club take pride in going out of their way to engage in online lab modules helping to enhance the skills learned during each meeting. These skills fall primarily under the very system you may be working on currently, Windows or Mac. It is also worth noting that the club may have been working all this time right beneath your very noses as many may have noticed the team on various occasions during competition days, held within the Spalding Board Room with an alluring, large green screen of an “on-going strategic cyber defense analysis”. Along with this striking setup, Mr. Restly tries his best to establish impressive meetings where students interact with the latest computer software and hardware. 

As a new club apart of the Spalding community, the Spalding CyberPatriot club wants to ensure that all students remain safe online as unlawful acts are not only committed within the physical world. It is the teams mission to assert the need to establish security and awareness as the world continues to grow technologically involved.