Class Color Craze

Brooke Blades, Writer

From glitter to tutus, Class Color day is a chance to go all out. This year, Spalding’s students and staff did not disappoint.

As Max Chrzanowski, a sophomore student here at Spalding stated, “It’s great to see everyone showing their pride at the school”. While some students, such as myself, showed their class pride in more subtle ways by wearing their class shirt, others took it to the next level by dyeing their hair and painting their bodies with body paints and glitters.

When asked what his favorite part of class color day was, Patrick Aquilina responded “I think it’s cool to see who’s in which grade. Usually, you can’t tell or it’s awkward to ask”.

Class color day is an opportunity to have fun and bring together each individual grade. Being a part of something bigger than yourself and being able to show class pride is a fun and gratifying experience.