Varsity field hockey team loses against McDonogh

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Varsity field hockey team loses against McDonogh

Avia Gerstel (‘21), Writer/Editor

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The Spalding varsity field hockey team lost to the McDonogh Eagle during their senior night game on October 23rd, but they never lost their determination to win. Spalding Cavs had a good season this year, playing 15 games and losing three. McDonough played eleven games and lost one.

The game began with the honoring of five senior players, followed by the team’s usual ritual – praying the Hail Mary and asking Martin Spalding and St.Valentine to pray for them. The team ended this ritual by shouting “Who’s gonna win? We’re gonna win”, rallying themselves up for the game.

The first 20 minutes of the game seemed like a constant back and forth between the Cavs and the Eagles. Both teams came very close to scoring multiple times, but it was not until 28 minutes into the first half that the Cavs scored.

In addition to this, Margot Lawn (#27) scored a remarkable goal in the last minute of the first half. The first half ended with Spalding leading 2-0.

In the second half of the game, the Cavs showed drive and determination to stay in the lead. Eventually, the Eagles picked themselves up, scoring twice in the first ten minutes of the second half. As the game carried on, both teams became more intense.  The Cavs and the Eagles both fought for dominance over the ball. McDonough Eagles scored 15 minutes into the second half. With McDonough in the lead, Spalding’s coach told the players to pick up their energy.

The Senior night ended with Spalding losing 2-3. Although Spalding lost this game, their determination never wavered. Whenever the team’s score goes down when they are not in the lead, they always come back, better and stronger than ever.

The following graduating seniors were honored at this game: Maria Comella (#6), Margot Lawn(#27), Olivia Malamphy(#17), Arianna Shea(#15), and Haley Urgo (#11).