Service Highlight: The Spalding Haiti Mission Trip

Trinity Walker

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Over the summer nine Spalding Students and moderators traveled to Saint Marc, Haiti for Spalding’s Haiti Mission Trip. The week was spent experiencing the culture of this truly beautiful nation and exchanging our own with the students of the College James M. Stine. Although geography and our backgrounds greatly differ, students from both schools really bonded over shared experiences and the fact that we are all one in Christ. Students returning from the trip confess it is absolutely life changing.

They show love in their daily lives and their actions, they hope for the future, and laugh to bring joy to each other’s lives. Looking back at the trip and all that I have learned I have a new outlook on my place in the world Sydney Madden

P Dubbs (yellow pants) is speaking on behalf of all the Haitian students that spent the week with the Spalding students as we all say our tearful goodbyes.

Spalding’s sister school, the Les Bons Samaritains School in Haiti was founded by Dr. Mortel. The Mortel High Hopes for Haiti Foundation is non-profit and dedicated to the future of Haiti through providing an education to some of the poorest children in the St. Marc. Spalding became involved in 2004 when a series of hurricanes devastated the island nation. Mr. Brady made the student body aware of the situation and sought help to reestablish the Les Bons Samaritains School.  There was an overwhelming response from students, and it didn’t stop there. The hearts of many Spalding students and members of the community overall have been opened to helping a Haitian child with their education, and for 13 years Spalding has been a huge supporter for the cause.

If given the chance to look around at the bright faces that fill the open courtyard of the Les Bons Samaritains School it is clear that the outside support is changing lives.  We see kids with hope, we see kids with excitement for the future, we see Spalding has become a part of the school, and they depend on us – Mr. Brady. Sponsoring kids is the absolute best way to help, and 51 students could be given a brighter future simply through the homerooms alone. A goal that is yet to be met. Helping fund a child’s education is the greatest contribution any of us can make for the future.  

The students at the Les Bons Samaritains School and College James M. Stine are truly special. Every child deserves an education, and when meeting the students it is impossible to deny getting involved. The kids are just like us. During the trip the students from Spalding and Stine schools played spike ball together, sang together, and most of all prayed together. Another thing kids need to know is Christ has a preference for the poor and the kids pray for us. We get prayed for from Jesus’ special kids. – Mr. Brady Beyond spending the week together, students bonded over the same things any teenager does. Social media, music taste, sports, and more were all shared interests that bridged the gap between the diverse backgrounds of each student.

Leaving Haiti was the hardest goodbye I have personally ever experienced. The kids we met, the devastating poverty we witnessed, and the beauty of the chaotic streets all call me back. Experiencing a world so different to my own left me wanting to see more, and especially to do more.  All I could find myself thinking about on the flight home was “what more can I do” and that feeling has not subsided since I got back to the US. In one week, I felt like the experience did more to touch me personally and would encourage anyone who wishes to challenge their view on the world to go to Haiti and try to not be touched by what is around you. Somehow, the Haitian people have the ability to look past the hardship present in their own lives and to be happy. – Evan R. Each student left for Haiti with different expectations and motivations for going, but we all returned from Haiti with the same awe and a little clearer view of the world.

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Service Highlight: The Spalding Haiti Mission Trip